Tuesday, September 20, 2011

these are the rules...

I know them, but I don't always follow them.  It's not that I don't follow them, I don't purposely use the incorrect version of a word or miss/overuse punctuation.  When I'm creating my posts, my mind is usually working faster than my fingers...they don't always connect and mistakes happen.  I try my best, but after writing, proofing, correcting and rereading, I don't always see the remaining errors.  Looking back at a post from the other day, holy crap!  I had written a sentence in that post that I couldn't figure out!  Probably confused myself writing it, then proofed it and said "screw it...good enough."  It was bad with a capital AWFUL!   I corrected it, sort of, at least now you can understand what I was trying to say.  Maybe?

I really should let the husband, AKA the grammar nerd nazi, proof my posts.  He'll whip them into shape faster than I can determine if I should use they're, their or there.  A second eye is always a good thing, right?

Since I've probably offended your eyes in a post or two or three or four...sorry!  I'll do better, I promise. 

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