Monday, October 15, 2012

8 is great!

Not really sure where the last eight years have gone?  I remember October 13, 2004, the night I went into labor, like it was yesterday.  I remember our lives changing and becoming a family of three -- holding a tiny little boy that changed our world forever...

My little bug has gone from a cuddly, active wee one to a cuddly, active and super-talkative eight year old.  He is smart, witty, funny, stubborn, ornery and quite precocious.  I love every bit of his orneriness, even though it can drive me crazy at the same time.  His heart is as big as can be and he offers up hugs and kisses freely...which I love!

GQ has been through lots of change in his eight years of life.  He's lived in several states (Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, back to Nevada and finally Ohio again.)  Changing schools and friends is tough and he's has taken it all in stride, adjusting better than a lot of kids might.  And he thinks it's pretty cool that he can tell his friends about living in the desert and down south not too far from the ocean (3 hours inland.)  He's had his toes in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, driven across the country, seeing the mountains through Utah and Colorado.  Very cool stuff that a lot of adults haven't done.  He's my cup half-full kid.

At eight years old GQ seems to be the social director of the neighborhood.  He has friends on just about every street in the 'hood, which is awesome!  This mom is having a difficult time letting go and letting him venture out on his bike to go play.  I've even considered getting him a mobile phone so I can easily check in, but dad has helped me feel better about letting him go out and play.  I do occasionally hop in the car and drive-by or walk with the dog to check in; makes me feel a bit better.  Giving up control is difficult.

As much as I'd like to stop time and keep GQ eight years old forever, I realize it's not possible and watching him grow up is so fun.  I'm amazed every night when we sit down for homework and I see him do math, some parts algebra-type problems and reading and spelling words that I know I wasn't reading or spelling in 2nd grade.  He's just amazing and I really can't wait to see what the next eight years have in store for him.

Happy 8th birthday, bug!

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