Tuesday, October 23, 2012

home projects

With a few days off work, I have some creative time.  I love my crafty time, it felt so good to be hammering and painting!

We were in need of a tary for our ottoman and after looking around online a bit trying to find what I want, I decided to make my own.  Most of what I found was either too small, too big or too pricey.  Making  my own tray made it possible for me to make exactly what I needed.

The project was simple and cheap:

24" x 24" plywood - $7.50
(2) sash handles - $5.00
paint ( I bought a paint sample) - $2.50

I had primer and sand paper on hand from a previous project, so no need to buy that.

Most of the trays I liked online were $50 and up, actually the majority I liked were closer to the $100 range.   Not in my budget.

The finished tray is 19" x 19".  The inside is 18" x 18" and the plywood is  1/2" so the sides add the extra inch.

My father-in-law helped me with the cutting.  He was going to teach me how to use the table saw, but I think he was afraid I'd cut my fingers off, so he did it for me.  I used finished nails and glue to put it together.  Next was to give it a layer of primer, then ad some black paint to the edges where I was going to age it.  The next layer is blue paint and then a little sanding to give it that worn look.  Lastly, I sealed with some paste wax and put my handles on.  Two days and I have a sturdy tray that looks really awesome on my ottoman!

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