Saturday, September 15, 2012

where did the summer go?

Summer was here and then it wasn't.  We're heading into a 4th week of school for GQ and cooler temps are becoming a regular thing.  Not complaining about the temps, after being in the south and in the dessert the past five years, I'm looking forward to an Ohio fall!

Not sure what we did all summer but we seemed to keep busy.  Traveled to see friends and family and more friends and family.  Spent a day or two at the lake with friends.  GQ tubed for his first time ever and loved it! 

Lots of letting go this summer for this mama.  GQ made lots of neighborhood friends and I had to be OK with letting him walk or ride over to their houses to play.  And being the worrier, I took a walk or drive by his friend's house just to make sure he got there alright. 

Another first was a slumber party, if that's what you want to call it...we got a phone call to come and pick GQ up around 10pm.  He's used to mom and dad putting him to bed  :)

Now it's back to bed time routines, getting up early and checking homework.  Toward the end of summer I was looking forward to the start of school but it sure is a lot of work.

Even though I miss the no-routine of summer, fall has so much to bring...pumpkins, Halloween, birthdays...can't wait! 

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