Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm so glad it's here.  I can't believe we're two weeks into it already.  Maybe I can believe it, I'm reminded of all the days to fill with activity every time GQ's friends aren't home or able to play. 

"mom, I am so bored.  I want to play, nobody can play, will you play with me?"

"what would you like to do GQ?"

"I don't knowwwwwwww....something." 

So we go through the list: Wii, Legos, coloring, swinging, picking up dog messes (I have to try, right?), watch a movie, go for a walk, bike ride, etc.  When he really wants to play with friends there isn't much that will satisfy other than finding him a friend to play with.  I'm just not that cool anymore. 

Thankfully we have lots of friends closeby.  And we have a community pool for those days it's too hot to do much else. 

T-80 (ish) days left to fill...let's hope that between the pool and friends, they're days filled with lots of fun things to do!

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