Monday, May 21, 2012

take me out to the ball game...

Opening day for our baseball season was Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day...maybe a touch on the hot side, but weather was ball game perfect! 

GQ has grown into a good little ball player.  His is quite the slugger, a 2 for 3 record on Saturday.  (If you're like me and not sure what that means or are slowly learning, it means he got two hits and made it to base of the three times he was up.)  I would say he was 3 for 3, because he hit all three times, just didn't make it to 1st base in time on one hit, but the husband tells me that's not correct statistics.  Those are mom statistics.  :)

There is still lots of room for improvement for the little bug, he still needs to feel more comfortable knowing where the play is and how to play his position, but that will come with time.  It was the first game and for only about four practices, with a gang of 12-13 first and second graders, they did a fantastic job.  And huge cudos to his coach and the other parent volunteers (including the husband) for helping teach the kiddos! 

Here is my very favorite picture from Saturday's game... it shows what this game is all about:

FUN!  Look at the smile on his face... priceless!

Photo credits to my father-in-law, thanks for shooting the game.

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