Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my bug's protector...

here she is...being quite the Nervous Nellie.  GQ is suffering from some allergies right now and coughing an awful lot and Macy just can't sit still.  She's pacing and hiding and checking on GQ constantly.  She won't rest until he's better.  Literally.  If she's sleeping and he coughs, she gets up.  She'll poke her head in his room just to make sure he's OK.  She can't help it, she's his protector.

A few weeks ago GQ was acting a little off.  I didn't think much of it because it was late and he was tired.  Macy was trying to force her way up onto the chair we were in and then hid behind it.  It seemed like such an odd thing.  I couldn't figure out what the dog was doing.  As I kissed GQ on the forehead I realized he had a fever. Macy knew it, she knew it before I did.  She was there to protect him.

We're pretty lucky to have such a loving and protective pooch!  I've never had a dog that has been such a protector and I'm glad I have one.  It's always nice to know we have an extra pair of eyes on our little bug.  She even tries to help keep him in line and keep us in line with an occasional bark or nudge.  ;)

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