Friday, January 27, 2012

at least he's honest...

Watching Fleet Foxes on Austin City Limits last night with the family.  Fleet Foxes, if you've never heard, are a pretty awesome indie folk band.

Fleet Foxes wardrobe choices are a little on the quirky side.  I expect that from them, but on this episode their clothes were a bit ill-fitting.  It just looked like they tossed their clothes in the dryer too long and lost some serious inches in the pant length department.

"It looks like one of the members (male) is wearing a pair of too-short mom-jeans and weird sandals." I commented.

 GQ quickly agreed, then added "Yes, they look like mom-skinny-jeans.  Skinny moms wear those, not moms like you."

Shocked pause here.  Jaw dropping.

As I give a not so thrilled glance, I responded  "That's awesome, GQ.  You don't always have to say everything you think..."

"What?"  GQ said smiling.  (little shit)

I'm glad he's honest but I guess we now need to work on honesty and keeping opinions to yourself.  ;)

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