Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy 2012...

A couple days late, but hope you're all having a wonderful 2012 so far!

The new year is always a time for reflection and new beginnings.  Lots of people glad to say adios to 2011 and have big hopes and big resolutions for 2012.  I don't really fall into either of those categories.  2011 wasn't a horrible year and I'm not a resolution-maker, I feel like I set myself up for failure by making resolutions like losing weight (who doesn't want to?) or saving more (again, who doesn't want to?)  If I screw up in the days after I make those resolutions, I've failed, and early in the year, so I should just give up on the rest of the year, right?

In years past I've chosen a theme and/or word to help guide me.  Simply, Moments and Execute.  Each word could mean a million things to anybody, but they were great words to help guide me in anything I wanted to accomplish.  This year, I'm slacking, I haven't had much time to think about my word, but I think I've found it:


verb (used with object)

to systematize: to organize the files of an office.

to give organic  structure or character to: to organize the elements of a composition.

Now that I'm working out side of the home, I need organization more than ever.  I have a feeling I need to become a "to-do" lister.  When I was at home, doing most of the household chores, etc I could keep lists in my head.  I now require the husband to help me out and since he can't read my mind, I think making lists will help.  I'm thinking once central place to list monthly, weekly and daily lists.

I'd also like to be more on top of thinning out GQ's toys and clothing.  I did this on January 1 and will be dropping off donations this afternoon.  I was shocked at the amount of stuff AKA as plastic junk the little kiddo can acquire and he wants to save EVERYTHING.  That drives me crazy but as long as it has a place in his room, I'm sort of OK with it.  After making room for recent gifts he received I realized he has way more of that junk than I realized.  He also had a bag of rocks he collected, which weighted about five pounds, that's a lot of little rocks.  There were pine cones, too.  I'm lucky I didn't find bugs.  So I'm not longer out of sight, out of mind with his stuff.  It is going to need a quarterly thinning.  I think it will be good for us to thin out our closets and random piles, too.  As good as I think I am at keeping what we acquire to a minimum, "stuff" seems to show up and pile up every time I turn around.  

My biggest organizational task for the year is to go through GQ's stack of projects and artwork he's brought home from school in kindergarten and now 1st grade.  It's about 18 inches high, not exaggerating, so I'm going to photograph items and toss them.  It's just too much to store and will GQ really want all of them when he moves out of the house?  No.  I'll keep a select few and the rest will be photographed and compiled in a photo book I'll have published for him.  I'm hoping to take really great pics of these projects, so it's going to be time consuming.  I think I'll get out my light box and try to make them studio-looking, if possible.  I guess I found my #1 on my "to-do" list.  

No matter what your resolution or goals, if you were happy to kiss 2011 good-bye or excited for what 2012, I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating our new year!

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