Thursday, January 12, 2012

please don't laugh at me...

You might get a good chuckle from this, the sales girl at Verizon sure did, but I have a feature phone.  *gasp*  Yes, a feature phone, not a smart phone. 

My current feature phone is not doing so well.  It's not sending/receiving text messages like it used to.  I'm having static phone calls or it will just drop a call.  It's about three years old and really it should have lasted longer, but you have to take into account all the times I've dropped it and the phone flew one direction and the cover and battery went another direction.  I don't think that's good for a phone.

I looked around online at phones to find one or two I was interested in.  I want a touch screen but I also want a keyboard.  It limits me, I know, but I found two that worked.  Wanting to feel the phone before I commit I headed to my Verizon store.  Guess it has been a long time since I've been in any phone store because I looked completely lost as I wandered around looking for their display of feature phones.  Do you know what they don't display at Verizon any longer, at least at this particular store?  Feature phones.  There are walls and walls of smart phones, but they keep the feature phones hidden.

Why do they hide the feature phones?  I'm guessing because nobody would want to be caught with a feature phone now-a-days.  We're all high tech, aren't we?  I guess most of us are.  Not me.  Why?  I'll tell you why, I'm too cheap to pay the data fee.  Plain and simple.  I'm at home most of the day with the internet at my service, so I just don't need one.  To a phone company that probably makes huge money on data plans, they just don't get that.  So I had to ask the sales girl to pull a feature phone out from the hidden cabinet so I could touch and feel it before I committed.  (I'm sure she wondered how she lucked out with me as a customer rather than the guy coming in to look at iPhones and accessories.)

The one feature phone Verizon had hidden in a cabinet wasn't one that fit my needs.  No problem, I can look online.  I did and found my phone.  It's due to arrive today!  Exciting.  Not too exciting but I'll be glad to have a more dependable phone again.  GQ is going to be very excited because my new phone has a video camera option.  Right now he depends on dad's iPhone when he wants to make videos of his Lego creations.  GQ is always bummed when he has something made and dad isn't home, which means his phone isn't home either. 

After looking at all my options (or lack there of) as far as feature phones go, it makes me realize, this might be my last one.  If my phone lives out the two or three years I expect it to, the mobile phone companies just might have them phased out by the time I want to upgrade.  Crazy to think that, but I can see it happening.  We've come so far with mobile phones over the past 30 years, from these gigantic phones that you carried in a bag to little computers that fit on a holster on your hip or just tossed in your pocket. 

Gosh, that last paragraph certainly made me sound old....I'm going to end this now before I age myself any more.  :)

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