Thursday, December 29, 2011

newest time suck...

Words With Friends...have you played?  Tons of fun, you really should give it a whirl if you have the time. 

What is this Words With Friends you ask?  It's sort of like Scrabble, but a little different.  You play on your own time.  A game can move as fast or as slowly as the players like.  And you play it on your smartphone, tablet, computer or e-reader via Wifi.  I think you can play via Facebook, too.  

I'm not a game player.  Most don't interest me.  Angry Birds is fun, I do enjoy that, but really any other video-type games don't interest me. 

Until...Words With Friends.

I think my fascination with my game will end when I beat the husband at a match.  We've played several times and so far, he's kicked my butt.  Every time.  The first time we played he wiped the floor clean with me.  Since that first game I've paid more attention to strategy and play smarter.  Our scores are getting closer and closer to each other, it's not a constant ass-kicking, but I am determined to BEAT him in the near future.  It would make the win even better if I could win huge!

Wish me luck.  And if I am slacking here it's probably because I'm challenging the husband to a Words With Friends game.

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