Wednesday, October 5, 2011


"Mom!  We got lap cards in PE today.  We can walk laps at recess and for each lap we get a mark.  IF we get 100 laps, guess what?  WE GET A SAUSAGE PAAARRRTTTYYY!" 

I need to get some clarification on this lap card thing G.Q. is telling me about and very excited about.  He's pretty pumped about the "sausage party."  I'm hoping maybe he misunderstood some part of the program, because a "sausage party" seems like an odd reward for a program that encourages movement and exercise.  I know a fruit party isn't as fun as sausage could be, but how about a smoothie party or popcorn?   I do think the lap card is a great idea though to get kids moving during recess.  I know my little bug is all over the monkey bars at recess time; we have the blisters and calluses to prove it. I remember my hands looking just like his pretty much through my elementary school days.  Loved perfecting my penny-drops and dreaming of the day I could do a jeannie-drop.  I probably would have tried it eventually, but I watched my sister almost bust both her knee caps doing it and chickened out. 

As excited as G.Q. is about the possibility of being invited to the "sausage party" he's very concerned about losing his recess to walking laps, 100 laps to be exact.  To him 100 laps equals 100 miles.  "Maybe they would let me walk and eat at the same time so I can have recess and lunch."  he said.  "Not sure, kiddo, I'm thinking they would want you to walk at recess time and eat lunch at lunch time."  I don't think G.Q. liked that answer.  He still doesn't quite understand that even though I'm his mommy, I don't have much say in policies at school.  I can't override their rules, even though he'd totally love it if I could. 

I'm guessing G.Q. won't be getting the coveted "sausage party invite" towards the end of the school year.  The prize for 100 laps might be quite tempting to my little guy, but monkey bar time is much more precious than sausage.  Thank god!

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