Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I need a J-O-B...

I just might go crazy sitting around every day while G.Q. is in school.  I need something to do.  One can only clean, do laundry or read so much.  So, why am I not looking for a job?  Well...I've been a stay at home mom for almost seven years now, I like my no-schedule days.  I like my weekends to do whatever we want.  I like dropping off and picking up my little guy from school.  And I like to travel when we want to and not have to worry about taking time off work or if I'm even able to get X days off.  That's a lot to give up!

It's that time of year when lots of retail will be or already are hiring seasonal employees to help cover the holiday rush.  It would be great if I could get a job at a store we like to shop at, maybe get a discount, but with retail comes crappy hours.  Plus, we're traveling for Thanksgiving.  Already have our plane tickets, so during the stores potentially biggest sales day of the year, I won't be available.  That would probably get me a quick boot off the list of potential hires.

I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for the right fit and while I wait, enjoy my days.  Maybe I'll get caught up on my scrapbooking?  It's been a while, I hate to look at all the pics that are waiting to go into a book.  I could also take up a new exercise program, but I won't.  Too lazy.  Walking the pooch after I drop off the kiddo at school is exercise I enjoy and it's free.  No gym to join or class fee to pay.  I think I'll stick with it.  I should take advantage of this time, too, and clean out G.Q.'s closet.  I know there are too small clothes and some toys in there.  I'm sure I could fill a box for donation.  Need to do the same in my closet, too.

There is always the PTA, too, I'm sure they could find something for me to do.  I don't think I'm interested though.  I like a more relaxed PTO, this PTA seems like a weird sort of clique to me.  The "PTA Moms."  A friend of mine says she's a "friend of the PTA" not an actually PTA'er.  I didn't get the whole "friend of the PTA" until school started...now I get it.  It's hard to describe, but these ladies are always at the school organizing this or doing that.  They seem to be a tightly knit crowd that are friendly but they aren't too quick to let in a newbie.  I feel like they're judging my worthiness to be in the group.  Just not interested in that.  I finished high school almost *cough* 20 years ago, I don't do cliques anymore. 

I'll stop complaining about being bored.  I know there are lots of people that don't have enough hours in the day to get things done.  I'm very lucky to have boredom as my biggest problem.  

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