Thursday, October 6, 2011

a hamster? a fish? please!

G.Q. is determined to get a new pet.  If he had his way, he'd get a hamster, but that's not happening.  I know I had them when I was a kid, but now I realize how much work they are, how noisy and stinky they are and I'm not interested.  Guess my mom was nicer than this mom, because she let us have so many different, bird, bunnies, hamsters, fish and a rat. 

I love animals, but not in my house, except for my sweet Macy.  I love her so much that I even let her sleep in my bed.  Or maybe it's that she lets us sleep in her bed.  She's spoiled.  But I feel like she gives us something, a wagging tail, a paw shake for a treat, a walking companion, unlimited kisses and cuddling.  Can a hamster do that?  No.  They eat, poop and run from you when you try to pet them.  Sort of like a cat, huh?  

This afternoon G.Q. called his dad at work and asked if they could go to the pet store tonight.  Dad thought it was a good idea, thinking they were just going to look around.  G.Q. had other ideas.  Apparently on a previous trip to the pet store I promised G.Q. a fish.  I don't remember this but if I had to guess at the conversation, it probably went something like this:

G.Q.:  "Mom, can I get a hamster?"
Me:  "No.  They are expensive and they stink.  Let's go look at the fish."
G.Q.:  "Mom, can I get a fish?"
Me:  "No. They die right after you take them home."
G.Q.:  "Please, mom!"  
*insert a bit of begging drama here*
Me:  "Come on G, it's time to go."  wanting to get the heck out of the store
G.Q.:  "But I want a fish, they're only a couple dollars."
Me.:  "Not today, maybe someday for your birthday or something"

I think "maybe someday" arrived today, in G.Q.'s mind.  So the trip to the pet store tonight was totally to make a purchase, so he thought.  Daddy had no idea what G.Q. was planning.  What G.Q. didn't realize is that daddy is a firm "NO" on little pets, so he asked the wrong person to take him there if he was planning to bring home a fish or hamster (which is what he really wanted.) 

Right before they left for the store G.Q. was still trying to convince me that I promised him a fish and convince his dad that he was going to get one.  "If I can't get a hamster than I get a fish."  Me, being a sort-of sucker, I say "Maybe for your birthday or Christmas."  The husband looked at me like WTF?  I know we're not getting him a fish, I just hate to be the mean one all the time.

So daddy and G.Q. hit the pet store and G.Q. headed to look at the fish.  The husband said "the first fish he looked at was dead."  Hopefully that made G.Q. see that I'm not lying when I say they die right after you take them home.  What ever it did, it seemed to have put off his request for fish for now.  He came home without a new pet and wasn't complaining about not getting one.  Whew! 

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