Tuesday, October 11, 2011

separation anxiety, part trois...

I'm showcasing my knowledge of the French language in my titles.  Don't worry, you're only going to get numbers and I can only go up to six, any other French I learned in school no longer exists in my brain.  

Onto part trois... We've now completed six weeks of school.  Mid-term reports are out and learning is in high gear.  Routines are set, friends have been made...G.Q. is loving school!  Our mornings?  Well, they're getting better.  This past week, we made it to school all five days with out any issues.  Do you know what a relief that was for me?  And for G.Q.?  HUGE!

Working with the guidance counselor and G.Q.'s teacher, we came up with a plan to track good mornings and after five, G.Q. gets a reward.  Every morning he goes into class with out any problems, he gets to color in a star on a chart.   At home there is a chart that he also earns a star on.  Once five are earned at school, he gets to hang for a bit with the guidance counselor and have a special treat.  Our reward from home is mom coming in to school with a special lunch for him.  This past Friday he got a Happy Meal.  I hate rewarding him with food we don't like him to have, but if it motivates, at least these first few weeks, I'll do it.

Friday after school, G.Q. was so proud of himself!  He had every right to be, too.  He had a great week of school, worked through his fears and went to school with out any problems...I was beaming with pride, too!  Hoping the weeks that follow are just the same for him.  He now knows that he has the self-confidence to do it which is exactly what I wanted him to see.

I know our troubled mornings aren't completely over, but we're making lots of progress.  It feels so much better to drop G.Q. off at school and walk away without tears in my eyes.  Finally, normal mornings!

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