Tuesday, September 6, 2011

hey, moms...what are you wearing in the school drop-off line?

If it's not a fun t-shirt, comfy (yet stylish) pants, riding boots, a backpack-style purse and a scarf to pull it all together, then you better hide your face and drive away quickly before anybody sees you!   Totally kidding, but according to a segment on The Today Show, that's how we should all look when dropping the kiddos off to school.  They also offer a couple other looks in the segment...lunch with friends before pick-up and the field-trip look.  As much as I appreciate the suggestions on how to pull myself together, seeing their suggestions made me laugh out loud!  Not because they were bad looks, but seriously...do mom's really dress up for the drop-off?

I know there are lots of stylish mommies out there, I don't know that I consider myself one, but I'm not a complete slob, either.  My mornings normally consist of an early morning walk with the pooch, a quick cup of coffee while getting G.Q. up and going and the husband, too.  Then I'm plopping my butt on a bicycle to ride with G.Q. to school.  We live in the desert, so the last thing I'm wearing is pants, riding boots and a scarf on a bike in 80+ degree morning temps.  Even if it were fall and cooler, I wouldn't wear that.  I'm all about comfort, think cotton...t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, that's my idea of school drop-off.  My hair is brushed, teeth are, too, so I feel like I'm pulled together when I drop him off. 

After I watched The Today Show segment on Thursday I decided to pay more attention to the parents on the school playground on Friday morning.  I was pleased to see that it was pretty obvious those moms and dads that were going to work after drop-off and those that weren't.  They all pretty much looked like me.  Whew!  If a fashion magazine or television show happened to stop by to take a picture of what not to wear and put a black dot over my face, I feel good knowing, there will be lots of other black dots, too. 

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I'm lucky to have a bra on!