Thursday, September 8, 2011

that's my job, kiddo...

Standing on the playground before school starts, G.Q. is looking for a particular friend.  I'm helping and pointing out a few other kids in his class that he could go play with.  He didn't want to play with those kids, he wanted to say hi to his other friend that isn't in his class and he only gets to see on the playground.  Fine.  I get that, but it's still my job to try to break him out of his shy little shell and play with a good variety of kids.  He'll enjoy school more that way.  The very last time he asked me if I saw his friend any where, I said "no, but I see some other kids in your class."  G.Q. looked at me, laughed and said "mom, sometimes you drive me nuts!"  My response..."that's my job, that's what mommies do."  He laughed, but I think he was maybe a little worried, too.  His future filled with a nutty mom just flashed in front of his eyes!

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