Monday, November 16, 2009

the gratitude project: day two

1. Hubby waking up after hearing me call for our doggy that got away from me this morning. I never would have gotten her back w/out his help.
2. That I trained for a 5k...the endurance I built up came in handy this morning.
3. A smooth closing on the new house.
4. A new house with a big yard and fence.
5. Coffee
6. Alarm clock...I never would have gotten up w/out you.
7. Cartoons...keeping GQ occupied while I get work done, thank you!
8. Sirius satellite radio
9. Wal-Mart's kid sunglasses saved the day!
10. Keys to the new house.
11. Craig's List
12. Snickers bar (can't believe I'm admitting that ;) but I split it with GQ)
13. GQ being an angel at closing
14. GQ's excitement about his new house, yard and bedroom
15. Stickers, envelopes and paper
16. A roomy trunk and car
17. A comfy couch
18. A lingering cough from that flu is finally becoming less annoying
19. The sunshine
20. Packaging tape and cardboard boxes saved from moves of the past.

1 comment:

paula :: plays with mud said...

yah! i'm glad you're participating. and so excited to see your new house!!