Sunday, November 15, 2009

the gratitude project: day one

Found this wonderful gratitude project over on my friend
Paula's blog. The concept is to list daily, for one week, 20 things you are grateful for. No duplicates, 20 new things you're grateful for each day. What an awesome way to stop for a moment and realize all that we have and how lucky each of us really are in our lives.

If you'd like to join in the fun, please leave a comment below so I can be sure to check your blog to view your gratitude list.

In random order:

1. My husband getting home safely from a recent business trip.
2. Riding bikes with GQ and the husband in the school parking lot. Seeing that I still can ride.
3. A beautiful fall day...people wearing shorts in the middle of November!
4. A friend that donated her moving boxes and packing materials to me.
5. A fat-free grande mocha, no-whip, extra hot!
6. A 5 y/o that listened really well today.
7. My laptop and wireless internet.
8. A good hair day.
9. An almost non-existent to iron: pile.
10. Easy bedtimes for the kiddo and quiet evenings with the husband.
11. A husband with a job that allows me to stay at home with our little bug.
12. A polite, loving and precocious little boy. As frustrating as he can be some days, I wouldn't have him any other way.
13. A little boy that can shop till he drops...just like his mommy and daddy.
14. Nice neighbors.
15. Awesome friends.
16. Beautiful trees in a wide range of yellows and reds with leaves falling throughout the neighborhood...makes for beautiful walks.
17. A long, hot shower.
18. Lunch with the family after a little bit of shopping.
19. A Bengals win...Who Dey!
20. A very busy and exciting morning tomorrow!

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