Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the gratitude project: day three

1. Sleeping in until 7am
2. Having some pretty nice neighbors that are going to miss us when we move
3. Hubby going into work a little late to help me move some things to the new house
4. GQ helping me get three trips in to the new house w/stuff I don't want to pack
5. Move-in cleaning ladies
6. A big backyard full of fun and exploration for GQ
7. A BIG crafty room for me that happens to have a beautiful view to the outside
8. Sanitizing wipes
9. Starbucks baked goods for lunch on the run
10. DVR
11. A tired little boy resting quietly
12. Watching DWTS for my rest time
13. A house that's slowing emptying out into the new house
14. An aluminum can w/a few pennies in it.
15. A helpful hubby
16. FB friends
17. Laundry basket
18. Comfy sneakers
19. A big comfy bed at the end of a looooong day
20. Fast-forward button

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