Thursday, February 26, 2009

Favorites: Glitter!

I love adding glitter to my cards and scrap booking, but I hate the mess it makes…putting the glue down, sprinkling on the glitter, shaking it off and then trying to get it back into the tiny jar I just poured it out of. Not to mention the mess that can be created if a certain four year old gets into mommy’s stuff with out my permission…don’t laugh, it happened once! LOL!

A couple years ago I discovered Stickles while at a stamping class. It’s an awesome little bottle of glitter mixed with glue and a very fine applicator so you can use as much or as little as you ‘d like. I started with their diamond color, it’s pretty much clear but gives a nice sparkle and have slowly added many of their colors to my stash. They have 35+ colors now and several new textures that I've yet to try.

Stickles are acid free, so they’re safe to use in your scrapbooking. They’re non-toxic, so they’re safe for the kiddos to use (they’re really fun for the kiddos play with too!) The glitter doesn’t settle in the bottle, you never have to worry about shaking up before applying. Lastly, the applicator is a pretty fine tip, so you can apply sparkle in the very tiniest of places! Stickles are definitely a must have for me!

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1 Crafty Gal said...

OMG, I never remember or think about using the two small bottles of stickles that I have. I LOVE stickles! I'm loving these posts!