Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Favorites: Adhesive

I searched high and low to find the perfect adhesive (tape runner) for my paper crafting. Besides needing something that worked well at holding papers together, I need something that I could easily find refills for AND it had to work for a south paw! I tried several of the big brands; they worked alright as far as papers sticking together, but some didn't stand the test of time (i.e. cracking when bent and falling apart.) The refilling process...some easier than others, one was downright confusing! Then there was the one issue I found with all of the tape runners I had tried out, they didn’t work well for me because I’m a lefty! You’d think it wouldn’t matter which hand you use, but for me, they just weren’t working…

After I thought I’d have to settle for occasional fights with my tape runner, I found Kokuyo Dot’n Roller. This stuff is awesome! It’s a dot-patterned adhesive vs. tape so it can easily apply around curves, on ribbon, etc. It’s smaller than my last tape runner and fits perfectly in my left hand! It also has a little cover to protect the adhesive during storage/transport. Refilling is snap…you drop in the cartridge and that’s about it.

I use Kokuyo’s permanent adhesive and it really gives a nice bond. I have cards I’ve made and tossed aside in a drawer w/out protection and they’re still holding together perfectly. I don’t believe Michael’s or Hobby Lobby sell this adhesive and my local scrapbook store didn’t sell until recently. I found a great place online to buy and get my refills for about $1/box less than most brick and mortar places sell. ScrapbookPal has free shipping if you spend $25+, so I order $25 worth of adhesive.


1 Crafty Gal said...

Hey, I have never tried this. I might have to pick some up!!!

Tonya A said...

It's really great stuff! I {LOVE} it!