Saturday, February 28, 2009

Favorites: Albums

American Crafts is my favorite when it comes to scrapbooks. I personally use their 12x12 D-Ring cloth album. I’ve converted three albums into D-Rings because I was tired of fighting with the posts and screws when I needed to add pages or move them around. It was time consuming to say the least. With the D-rings I snap open, add/remove like I would if it were a school notebook, snap closed and I’m done! Simple as that.

American Crafts offers nine colors in their cloth albums, so you can choose to coordinate with your décor or have a different color for each child, etc. They also have leather, corduroy and a modern album that is chipboard and allows you to customize with your own papers and embellishments. They do offer post-bound albums, if that's your preference.

I purchased my albums online at Scrappin Grannies but you can find them at Hobby Lobby. The prices I've found online are generally comparable to Hobby Lobby using their 40% off coupon. Scrappin Grannies carries the entire American Crafts line, so they definitely have the best selection. They also have pretty awesome prices, service and super-fast shipping!

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1 Crafty Gal said...

Well, I never thought I would ever like those types of albums...but I think I'm going to try. I have to agree with the screws and posts...Dominic's book is already a mess and he's only 1. Thanks for this post!!!