Monday, March 2, 2009

Favorites: Storage Ideas

I have to share my craft space with our guest room, so organization and storage are very important. I’m the type of person that likes to have a space and container for everything. It makes me happy to look in a room and see order :D

When I’m in creative mode I’m so messy, I have stuff scattered about as I create scrap pages or cards, but when I’m done, I want it to look like something you’d see in a catalog picture. Now I know you won’t ever see my room in a Pottery Barn catalog, but I try to make it look photo worthy.

If you’re a faithful reader of my blog (thank you!) you know that we try our best to be as green as we can. I try to carry my green ways into my crafting, including it’s storage. I try to reuse any container/tool in my house that might otherwise go into trash or donation piles to keep my space organized. Below are some ways I stay organized along with some other ideas I’ve come across and are keeping in my head for future use:

  • Glass Jars - sauces, pickles, salsas, cold coffee drinks, etc: Use to store buttons, ribbons, flowers
  • Mint Tins or Baby Food Jars: Use to store brads, eyelets, beads, any small embellishments. Use address labels or a label maker to mark outside of tin with color.
  • Hanging File Folders: Use to store paper scraps sorted by color
  • CD Jewel Cases: Use to store your clear acrylic stamps. They cling to the jewel case just like they cling to your acrylic blocks. Then you can use a CD tower to store your stamps.
  • One piece type clothespin: Use to wrap your ribbon around and then toss into a basket for a cute way to store your ribbon and a nice decorative piece in your craft area.
  • Over -the-door pocket shoe organizer: Use to store all your paper punches
  • Baseball Card Page Protectors:Use to store single non-mounted stamps. They’re perfectly sized for all those $1 clear stamp sets.
  • Old cassette tape organizer:Use to store your in pads. Those small white garage sale tag stickers are perfect to mark sides of pads with color to quickly find desired pad.
  • Kitchen Utensil Carousel: Perfect to store tools you use every time you sit down to craft…adhesives, rulers, scissors, markers, etc…

If you have any other storage tips, leave a comment and I’ll edit my post with your idea!


Scrap Jaci said...

Wonderful ideas. I alos am green in my space. I save all my scraps and have actually been using a lot of them lately with my Cricut. Found they are the perfect size for the clothes for the paper doll I made my daycare kids.

mjenningsdesigns said...

Great ideas! Love them all!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Well, let me just tell you what I use my baseball card sleeves for...COUPONS and nothing else!!! ROFLMAO! I so want an over the door hanger.

Great ideas!!! Love them all!