Saturday, February 2, 2013

monday starts a new routine...

I admit, I've been spoiled.  Since my little bug has been around, I've either worked from a home office, was a stay-at-home-mom or worked a 2nd or 3rd shift schedule.  Mornings were easy here.  No getting myself and the little bug up and out the door.  The husband never packed his lunch for work, so I never had to help him beyond turning on the coffee pot. 

Monday, that all changes.  Monday I will start a full-time job.  And I'm lucky that I won't have to be in until 9am, so I still get to drop my bug off at school and then be on my way.  But it's going to mean getting both of us up and ready and out the door slightly before 8am.  Can we do it?

A new schedule is going to be put into effect.  I'm pretty good at packing lunches on the fly but packing mine and GQ's; I think maybe packing the night prior is going to be necessary.  Clothes will need to be ready and waiting and one little person is going to have to shower at night, every night.  Two people showering in the AM might make bathroom time a bit hairy. 

We shall see how things go our first week.  I'm sure we'll learn things, we'll tweak things, but we'll be OK.  Lots of people do it everyday with more than one child. 

I got this.

Thank goodness the husband works from home...otherwise I could guarantee morning chaos!

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