Wednesday, December 19, 2012

put the treadle to the metal...

After having plans in my head to recover my couch throw pillows for the past almost year, I finally did it.  This has been a long work in progress.

The idea popped up almost a year ago.

I borrowed my mom's sewing machine back in October.

Bought the material back in November.

Sewed three pillows on three sides about three weeks ago.

Finally shoved the inserts in and sewed shut today, December 19th.

I now love my new pillows!  I don't want anybody to sit on my couch and mess them up.  I'm guessing the husband won't consider using the floor or the side chair to lay in.  The pillows will be on the floor in no time flat.

This was my first time in a long time sewing.  Pillows are pretty basic, but by the last pillow, the larger, checked pillow, I learned to make and envelope back and forget about blind stitching the stuffed pillow closed.

By the way, after many years of not sewing, using my mom's machine was super-easy!  She has a Brother LX2500.  So easy to use and to thread, including the bobbin.  When I buy myself a machine, this will be the one.  Nothing fancy, but just the right amount of options to not confuse me.  That's my kind of machine.

Supplies for my pillow covers were less than $60 for five pillows.  I have material and some stuffing left, in case I don't want to use one of my inserts, so making these pillows was very economical.  I priced a throw pillow here and there and they range from $24 - $60 per I got a deal!

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