Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm not above bribery...

To get this kid a hair cut!

Not certain why he has a fear of getting his hair cut?  I suppose it could be the time I told him I was going to trim it and didn't put the attachment on the clippers correctly...turned into a shave.  Shocking you didn't hear the screams when I saw the chunks of hair fall.  Oops.

Lesson learned; I don't use clippers on his hair.  I don't know that GQ would even come in the same room with me if I had them in my hand.  

About a month ago we talked GQ into letting me trim his hair.  He was refusing to go have it cut.  He refused the $20 offered to him from daddy to let him buzz it.  He requested I cut it.  It looked bad.  I awkwardly trimmed hacked away at his hair and came up w/a semi-decent cut, at least in the dark it was semi-decent, in the light...not so much.  

GQ told me last night he wanted a new shirt.  Fine, he can get a new shirt, but there will be a string attached.    I bought the shirt while he was at school, presented it to him after school but told him he couldn't wear it unless he got a hair cut.  

"you should have told me this morning that I had to get a haircut to get my new shirt.  I don't want my hair cut today!"

"too bad, kiddo, we're getting it cut."

Long story short, the cut wasn't nearly as traumatic as I (or GQ) thought it might be.  It wasn't a cut really, it was a trim.  GQ wants a longer skater-surfer-type hair cut, so we just had some shape cut into it really.  He was pleased and chatted with the stylist about highlights while she was cutting his hair.  GQ has decided on blue or green highlights.  I can live with blue highlights.  We'll have to see though, I won't let just anybody put chemicals on my kiddo's hair.  We'll have to wait until we see Aunt Michelle and have her do it for us.  She knows what she's doing and how to keep GQ from wiggling around while he gets it done.  Plus, she's cheaper :)

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1 Crafty Gal said...

His hair looks great! He is getting so big, I can't believe it!