Saturday, February 11, 2012

happy valentine's day...

I made these Valentine's for GQ's class.  I wanted to make something for the class rather than giving candy along with the card.  I'm sure they'll each receive their fill of candy from all the other kids in the class.  

I happened upon this Valentine's Day card idea on Pinterest and knew that it would be perfect for GQ's class!  She provided a PDF file for the card but I wanted to make mine a little different so did my own thing.  It also allowed me to customize the message for those friends that aren't in GQ's class.  

It is such a cute idea.  We customized the colors of the girls and boys bracelets.  I was going to actually knot each friendship bracelet but it began to be too time consuming.  Instead, we braided the students bracelets and did a fancier one with all the colors used for both the boys and girls bracelets for GQ's teacher.  

Super-easy project and no candy/sugar involved!

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I love this idea! Fantastic!