Thursday, December 1, 2011

having a hard time with holiday spirit...

It's December 1st and my holiday tree is still in a box in the garage.  Decorations are, too.  And I have no desire to put it up.  Odd.  Any other year, I'd have it up the day after turkey day.  In all fairness, this year that wasn't possible because we were traveling for turkey day weekend, but the day after we got home, I didn't even think to get out the tree.  I sit here looking at the spot where I'll put the tree and I still sit, I don't go fetch that tree.  Just not feeling it this year.

No idea why I'm not feeling it this year.  I haven't started shopping for gifts yet either.  I'm making a list in my head, but it seems too early to head to the store and buy.  Maybe it's the weather?  We're in the desert and today was our first chilly day.  Leaves are starting to fall off trees but it just seems like fall, not December.

I did remember to put G.Q.'s advent calendar.  That's what they're called right?  Those things that countdown to the big, jolly-guy-in-red's visit.  So that means 24 days left until everything has to be done...tree up, shopping done, gifts wrapped.  Not much time when you think about it.  Holiday cards, too.  I have to get started on those.

Can we turn back time a little and give me an extra week to maybe perk up a bit and put a dent in my list?

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