Tuesday, November 8, 2011

why I love him so daggone much...

There are a million different reasons why I love my buggy, but here area a few...

  • because little things excite him...a rock, a stick, a pine cone, etc.
  • because he's a great eater.  I can feed him pretty much anything and he'll eat it.  He'll even eat stuff I won't touch, like sushi.  blek!
  • because whatever he does, it's done at full-steam ahead and no fear.  Sometimes that's not so good, but he has fun!
  • because he runs to me when I pick him up from school, throws his arms around me and gives the best hug.
  • because he can build almost anything with his Legos.
  • because he talks and talks and talks and talks.
  • because he loves school and learning.
  • because he still gives me hugs and kisses in front of his friends.
  • because he loves for me to come have lunch with him at school.
  • because he thinks me making him rice topped with sugar and milk is the best treat ever.
  • because he takes his punishments in stride, for the most part.  Losing TV privileges today wasn't easy, but he understood and dealt with it.
  • because he yelled "mom, I hurt my nuts!" at the park as all the kids simultaneously fell silent, like they knew something funny and inappropriate was going to come out of his mouth. 
  • because he signs "I love you" to me every morning when I drop him off for school.
  • because he cuddles with me every morning, even if it's just for a minute, before he gets up and going.
  • because he's helped me learn so much about myself.
  • because he is just like his daddy...as crazy as that can sometimes drive me, they are quite a pair.
  • because he's an animal lover with a HUGE heart.
  • because he has a goofy fashion sense... he's trying to bring back the glove on one hand look.  
  • because he is my silly, smart, lovable little guy.  As stubborn and ornery as he can be, he's my little man and really a great kid.  I love him!
Thanks for letting me gush!

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