Thursday, November 3, 2011


Not sure what happened on G.Q.'s seventh birthday but I'm pretty sure somebody threw a switch and turned on the drama with a little extra attitude and a whole lot of appetite!  I'm figuring out that seven is a tough age...wanting to be a big kid and be independent but also still wanting to be little and have the comfort of mom and dad doing thing for him or helping a great deal.  Each day is different, some hours are different and boy do I get confused.  One moment we're holding hands walking on the side walk and then next we're at the park, he's playing with friends and I'm cramping his style. 

I did some googling to see if I was crazy or if being seven years old can be a little crazy.  Turns out I'm not crazy.  (unless you ask my family, they might tell you otherwise.)  As far as daily-routines, nutrition, etc. G.Q. seems to be right on.  He's growing like a weed, becoming and even taller string bean, looking like he's all legs, which is very normal for a seven year old.  As I was reading about independence of a seven year old I was seeing my G.Q. 
Seven-year-olds are more likely to let you still cuddle with them at bedtime but squirm out of your hugs during the day, especially if you’re anywhere near his friends or school. Children this age can often veer between wanting to accomplish tasks, such as homework assignments or chores, completely by themselves, and then just as quickly ask an adult to help.
Many 7-year-olds will still love playing with friends but may begin to enjoy spending more time alone, playing by themselves or reading. Alone time and down time, can, in fact, be an important part of a 7-year-old’s development of a sense of self and his relations to others.

There are so many times where G.Q. doesn't need or want help.  He'll get angry if I offer and then suddenly he needs help doing the simplest task.  And he's gotten so much better at playing by himself.  He can build Lego creations for hours on end.   Amazing what he can create, too, I'm continually blown away by the things he makes, from buildings to vehicles to mazes for the hamster he hopes to get sometime in the future. (not happening, by the way.)

Another interesting bit of information I read on seven year olds was about friendships:
As 7-year-olds grow up and expand their social horizons, they often naturally become attached to other adults besides their parents, such as a teacher, an uncle, or even a friend’s parent.
Maybe this explains why G.Q. loves to takes gifts to his teacher any chance he gets.  The husband just said the other day "I know I really liked some of my teachers in elementary school, but I don't remember wanting to take them gifts."  G.Q. has taken in apples, erasers (Halloween themed), a lanyard for her keys and flowers.  It's super-sweet that he loves her so much because I think she's a great teacher and he looks forward to seeing her every day.  She's made 1st grade a great experience so far for him!

Really, we have a pretty awesome seven year old kiddo!  I'm amazed at what he knows and what he's learning, his curiosity about all things science, his math skills, etc.  And he's such a loving, sensitive and outgoing little man that is becoming more independent and confident each and every day.  We have our moments, nobody is perfect, but I can't tell you how proud I feel when somebody tells me how well-behaved he is or how sweet he is. 

Even though some days it seems like it's drama all day long, I sit and write this post and realize how really it's such a small part of the day.  Drama or no drama, he's amazing and we're lucky parents to have him in our lives teaching us so much, too much to name.  Love you buggy!

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