Friday, October 21, 2011

doggy play dates...

While my little bug is at school during the week, I hang out with our other baby, our four-legged baby...Macy.  She's my pal, at least until the husband gets home, he's her favorite.  Most days we head out for a walk after I get G.Q. to school but this week I've been giving her a treat and taking her to the dog park.  Yep, I'm an awesome dog mom! 

Running around with out a leash.  Wind in her hair ears, tongue flapping as she happily trots along greeting the other dogs and humans.  She couldn't be happier!  And then the grass, oh the grass, rolling over in it, rubbing her back in it...if you could hear her moaning as she massages her own back in grass, you'd understand how much she misses her grassy yard in South Carolina.  Our current yard is desert landscaping, which is primarily rocks, so the grass at the dog park...HEAVEN!

As Macy plays with other four-legged friends I enjoy a little time with other dog lovers.  It's kind of neat to be around lots of people that love dogs and love bigger dogs and aren't scared out of their shorts if they see Macy and her other friends barreling towards them at what seems like 50 miles an hour.  They just laugh and step aside so nobody goes down. 

Thirty good minutes at the dog park will make Macy's day.  She comes home for her afternoon nap, while she waits on G.Q. to come home from school.  She's recently found a new napping spot, too, the guest bed.  I open the window for her and she can lay on the bed and monitor all that happens out in front of the house.  She's nosy that way.  And since she's no longer trying to eat the big wreath I have hanging above the guest bed, I suppose I'll start keeping the room door open more often and let her lay there.  She's so spoiled!

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