Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my day...

1.  G.Q. woke us up at 6:30am.  That seems to be the new wake time for him.  I'd really love 7am, but waking up happy and on his own at 6:30am, I'll take it.  Wondering if we should move bedtime to 8:30pm instead of 8pm, but I like my evening with the husband, so I think I'm going to leave it as is and just deal with the new wake time.

2.  Had a cup of coffee, got the kiddo breakfast, pancake on a stick.  *gag*  The smell makes me want to barf but he loves them and requests them.  G.Q. barely eats lunch at school, I have to make sure he eats a good amount for breakfast, so I feel that's my "good excuse" for letting him eat something I normally wouldn't buy.

3.  School drop-off.  Right on time.  Gave the kiddo a piggy-back ride across the ball field as we walked into school.  Man, that kicks my butt!  G.Q. is 45 pounds now and is wearing a backpack with his lunch and a full water bottle in it.  The 100 or so yards we piggy-back feel like a mile!  Who needs to lift weights when I can piggy-back G.Q. every day?  As we're making the trek across the field G.Q. said "this is good exercise for you mom, since you don't walk Macy in the morning anymore, you need the exercise."  Thanks for the pep talk kiddo, maybe you should consider personal training as a career?

4.  Exercise, round 2: take Macy for a walk.  Good tunes this morning on our walk...Coldplay, The Decemberists and some Flo Rida.  The pooch is a great walking partner, she keeps me moving, but a little of this gives us a nice beat!

5.  Meet friend for coffee and a bite to eat.  We both have Entertainment Books so we're working our way around the area coffee shops and breakfast eateries with our buy one, get one coupons.  Breakfast turned to lunch as three plus hours passed.  It's so nice to just sit in a comfy chair, drink coffee and talk about nothing and everything.  It's my weekly release. 

6.  Drive home to let Macy out for a potty break, refill the water bottle and then back out for school pick-up.  Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing my kiddo walk happily out of his classroom door onto the playground!  He proudly showed me his new kazoo, his prize for reading 10 books.  We're going to have to lose this kazoo soon because it's a loud, annoying toy. 

7.  Park time!  45 minutes of fresh air and time with friends after school before it's time to head home and hit the homework.  G.Q. has such a great time playing and just hanging out.  There is a regular group that hangs at the park and it's nice to decompress there in the fresh air and just let the kids be kids.

8.  Homework time.  Since G.Q. worked ahead yesterday on his packet, tonight is just reading.  Four books read, sort of easy reads, so he flew through them.  Then requested six more easy books so he could fill his reading log in one day and pick a new prize at school tomorrow.  "Request denied, buggy.  You need to challenge yourself a bit, too with your reading.  We'll have some more difficult books tomorrow, but I like your enthusiasm."

9.  Empty dishwasher.  Load dishwasher.  Empty dryer.  Toss clothes from washer into dryer.  Start new load in washer.  The never ending cycles...load dirty dishes, put away clean dishes, dirty clothes, wash clothes, dry clothes, fold clothes, iron clothes, hang up clothes, and repeat...

10.  Dinner time.  It's fend-for-yourself at our house tonight.  If you're hungry, take a look in the pantry and fridge. 

11.  Open house at school.  Head over, search for a parking spot.  It doesn't exist at the elementary so we park over at the middle school.  On our walk over to the elementary G.Q. asks for piggy-back ride, "mom, you need more exercise, can I do a piggy-back ride again?"  I know he's not being mean, we're going to have to work on his delivery.  We had a fun time walking around the school with G.Q.  He showed us the library, his music class and played a little xylophone.  I wish I could play one and play it well.  I'd really love to play the piano well.  There was a student in the music room that tickled the ivories for us, he played a couple different Coldplay songs and it was so cool!  I could have listened to him play for hour.  G.Q. loved listening, too.  But we had to work our way to his classroom and see his teacher, so we couldn't stay and continue listening.  G.Q. gave us a tour of his classroom and showed us some of the recent projects they've done.  Very fun to see him explain the different areas of the class and seeing his work.  We met the class snake and G.Q. got a big treat and met somebody, too.   He met his teacher's son, who is blind.  G.Q.'s class has been learning about their five senses and they got to learn a lot about being blind and work on a brailler.  G.Q. has been very interested in his teacher's son and how he learns through braille and said he'd like to talk to her more about it, so it was a real treat for him to meet, Adam!  Adam showed G.Q. his cane and how he uses it to get around.  Had there been time, G.Q. would have enjoyed hanging out with Adam.

12.  Meltdown.  The mistake of the evening was to let G.Q. browse shop at the book fair before leaving the school open house.  Boy does Scholastic know what they're doing by stocking their book fairs with tons of Lego books.  Not just Lego books, but Lego books with mini-figs attached to them.  Of course we left with the book, but when I said "you can have the book today, but can't have the mini-fig until Friday when I originally said you could buy a book" you would have thought I told him I threw all his Legos away.  "what?!  What about you let me have the mini-fig tonight and the book on Friday?"  Nice try, but "no."  Not the answer he wanted to hear.  Drama, drama, drama.

13.  Bedtime for buggy.  After G.Q. calmed down and realized we weren't being unreasonable we chilled with a quick episode of Zeke & Luther.  G's favorite show, ever!  Luther Waffles is pretty darn funny!   Then off to bed, just 10 minutes late.  I was thinking open house was going to really throw off our bedtime tonight, but we did pretty good staying on track.  Whew!  G.Q. needs his sleep and I need my evening to pack his lunch and backpack before chill time for mommy.

14.  Boob-tube time.  A little Tosh.O and The Daily Show to catch up on tonight.  Thank goodness for the DVR!  I don't know what night or what time any of my shows are on.  I just know they'll be on DVR and I can fast forward through all the annoying commercials.  *Holy Crap!*  I almost forgot about Parenthood...BEST.SHOW.EVER...on tonight!

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