Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm going to regret this purchase...

G.Q. was clinging very tightly to a new Lego book, Lego Star Wars, The Visual Dictionary. (creating this link I see it's $7 cheaper on Amazon, but that's $7 to his school, so I can't complain...but I'll whine a little.)  The book is pretty cool, details all the Lego sets that are dedicated to Star Wars, all the way back to 1999.  There is also a mini-fig (that's cool Lego-kid slang for mini-figure or Lego person) included with the book.

Today was the special VIP breakfast for parents and kids to view and shop the book fair before school.  I think every parent and every kid was there, and the line to check out wrapped around the entire room used for the fair.  Since we had time to kill waiting in line, we flipped through the book a bit.  As he looked at all the pics, G.Q. was also trying to figure out a way to get me to let him take that mini-fig out of the package...I could see the wheels turning.  I'd already told him it stayed put until after school.  I know, mom's no fun, but mom knows that mini-figs can break apart into 8+ pieces and the drama a missing piece would cause if one was lost at school.  The pieces are tiny...I've picked them off the carpet, out of chair cushions and the vacuum bag, I'm not searching for them at school.  And I'm not buying a 2nd book because "I loooooost my mini-fig...I neeeeeeeeed a new one."  Again, call me mean, I call it a life lesson. 

As we're in line, waiting, I said "I think that mini-figs name is Luke Skywalker."  A total guess because I know ZIP about Star Wars.  I haven't seen any of the movies and have no desire to either. *gasp*  Sorry Trekkies, wait, wrong show.  What do Star Wars die hards call themselves?  I was quickly corrected by the kid standing in line in front of us, "no, that's Han Solo."  Might as well have ended his correction with a big, "DUH, lady!"  I didn't see it as any big deal, but I'm betting to that kid I'm the dumbest mom ever, to not know that was Han Solo.'s not my genre, I still don't plan to see the movies, if G.Q. wants to see them, that's going to be dad's job.

We get through the line, pay and on to school.  Like I requested the mini-fig stayed in the book until after school.  Once school was out, the mini-fig was out and the wheels in G.Q.'s head started turning...what Lego Star Wars sets do I want?  What ships, weapons and mini-figs can I look up online and try to make with what I already own?  "Mom!  Can you help me look up this Lego set?"  And so it begins...for the next four hours G.Q. spent researching in his book, then the computer and then his Lego pieces to build various parts of the Star Wars empire.  It keeps him busy and it's very impressive what he can build and create with the Legos, but since I am often called in to search for a random piece, I tire of it quickly.  I knew I was going to regret this purchase.

How can I complain about a toy and book that give G.Q. so many ideas and let him be so creative?  He amazes me every day with creations.  Tons of kids post videos on youtube with their Lego creations and how to build them.  G.Q. loves to watch.  He's also getting the bug to create some Lego videos himself.  I think dad has about 10 videos on his phone that G.Q. has created.  He gets better with each recording, one day maybe he'll have his own youtube channel.  

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