Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sping Cleaning!

It's that time of year...spring cleaning! I started it a few weeks ago but was halted by some things like husband studying for tests, weekend visitors, a vacation and most recently...norovirus! *sigh* Both GQ and the husband seem to be getting better and I think I can get back to my house cleaning and organizing.

I don't have big plans to do a big household de-clutter and organization, I've been trying to do it day to day and feel like I have that under control, so there are just little things here and there that have better homes. We've been in our house about six months now, so I feel like I know the flow and if there are better suited homes for things. So just little shufflings here and there.

I found a great check list in Real Simple magazine that helps to guide me as I go in and clean rooms. I don't stick 100% to it but it's a great reminder and keeps me on task when I want to thoroughly clean room. Since the house is in need of a deep clean, I'll be going through, room by room and following my check-lists...starting w/the bathrooms that have seen their fair share of traffic w/the sickies. I've been wiping down the bathroom what seems a million times a day but want to give it a thorough scrub down just to make sure norovirus is gone for good!

cabinet fronts
stove top
counter tops
dishwasher and microwave
garbage can
cabinets and drawers
the fridge

shower and tubs
shine the mirror
mop the floor
clean waste basket
wipe down shower rod and rings
wash fixtures
vacuum air vents

Living Room, Bonus Room and Bedrooms
dust furniture
sanitize remotes
clean/vacuum upholstery
do the windows
dust lighting fixtures/ceiling fans
vacuum blinds
dust artwork, pictures, decor
vacuum mattress
change sheets
vacuum floors

After this cleaning, it's paper crafting time! I have so much to get caught up on and so much to create. The clean house should make me much more relaxed and able to just create!

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