Monday, March 1, 2010

A mini-makeover...on a budget

I wanted to freshen up my powder room. If you asked my hubby, nothing was wrong with it, nothing needed. The paint was good, it was just a bit too boring in there, too white. I didn't want to spend any more or very little if I was going to spend, so I challenged myself to do a make over on a is what I did:

1. added daisy picture hangers that I had stored away in a box from several moves ago.

2. added a couple grapevine wreaths ($3/each) with ribbon I had in my crafty stash.

3. painted a frame I had black
, filled it with batting and fabric
4. made a cornice for the window with some toile fabric that I just love ($12/yard of fabric, $2 for lumber, $5 for the hardware)
5. added some new hand towels ($7/each)

I'd love to find a rug to throw in there on the hardwoods but I don't want a traditional bathroom rug. And I'm keeping my eyes open for an oval mirror w/a black frame to replace the frameless mirror that's in there...but no rush, when I see it and then price is right.

Making the cornice was so easy! Literally a couple pieces of lumber, L-brackets, cotton batting, fabric and staples. I couldn't get a great picture due to the sun shining in and the room not being deep enough for me to find a perfect spot. I was sticking my camera in the air and hoping to get a good shot ;)

For around $30 I have a new bathroom!


~Amanda said...

Love it!

paula :: plays with mud said...

Thrifty decor - some of my favorites!!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Absolutely gorgeous! When John remodels my bathroom, you are coming up and helping me decorate it! Love your ideas!