Saturday, May 30, 2009

Etsy find - Cascade Lemonade

Most of you know we try to be as green as possible. We started by making small changes: recycling, cloth napkins and rags vs. paper napkins and towels, cleaning w/out chemicals, etc. One thing I haven't been able to give up too easily is plastic zip storage baggies. I hate using them but sometimes there just isn't a better option, but I've found something that is going to help cut down on our baggie usage! There adorable pouches from Cascade Lemonade are going to help us decrease the plastic out of our lives.

The pouches are perfectly sized for a sandwich but will also be great for snacks of any kind. They are washable, wipe able and reusable! One great feature these pouches have that some others don't is the fold over don't have to worry about scraping your sandwich on velco as you try to slide it in or out. I'll definitely buy a few more of these!

One last thing I love about
Cascade Lemonade and their pouches is that they donate at least 15% of their profits to purchase carbon credits and make donations to non-profits. Below is a snipet from Cascade Lemonade's shop profile that details her Earth-friendly practices.
I'm renewing my commitment to earth-friendly practices this year:
** 15% (or more) of proceeds will go towards purchasing renewable energy blocks (see and carbon credits (possibly from - I'm looking into several organizations) so that Cascade Lemonade is 'carbon negative' and energy conscious
** 'recycled new' materials will be used, when possible - these are ALL NEW donations from family and friends' stashes or to The Legacy (in Sebastopol, CA, which also supports their SR center!)
** recycled packaging and shipping materials will be used exclusively (if purchasing a gift, please let me know: I gift wrap for free with new-looking materials)
** 50% of proceeds on drawstring bags sold at the Marine Mammal Center in Petersburg, AK (my in-laws' home) will support marine mammal education, research, and rescue

There are many benefits to buying homemade. I think one of them is knowing that you are supporting environmental practices, fair labor, and good causes!

Happy Saturday!


And along comes three... said...

Love Those! We have some from could always use more. I'm going to check them out...thanks for the tip.

paula :: plays with mud said...

I've always wanted some of these. I'll check them out - nice to support handmade WITH a cause!!

Tonya A said...

I really love that they give $ back to a good cause! I just ordered two more in a more masculine stripe. GQ likes the two we have but just in case I'll have more boy colored pouches too.