Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching up...

Finally sat down and caught myself up with GQ's scrapbook. I had so many pictures and had a difficult time choosing which to use and how to get them on a page. That's what I hate about being behind, I get overwhelmed and feel like I can't take my time and just scrap a picture or two, I want to slap everything on there. Weird, I know.

I tried to keep my pages simple and not use any fresh paper or embellishments; I used all scraps that I have on hand and the only new sheets of paper used were the bases. In some of the layouts I didn't even use a new piece for a base, it's several pieces rigged together to make a 12x12 piece.

games we play: all scraps here except the base, the tickets are some tickets I had laying around that GQ plays with, fancied up the chipboard title with some diamond glaze that doesn't photograph too well (it's shiny)
Puddle Jumper: all scraps of paper except the large background patterned paper.

the gift of family... : trees, hearts and gift are all cut from scraps, the base is one large piece. I had tons of photos for this one and used a digital program to make it. I had it printed as a 12x12 picture and cut down the boarder so I could mount and embellish. There was no room for journaling on the front but the ribbon at the top pulls out to reveal the story from a pocket on the back.
creating sadie: all scraps here except the base, the birth certificate took up much of the layout, getting the pictures to fit w/out covering the certificate was quite a task.

Snow Day! : all scraps here except the base.

I'm not tired! : my favorite layout! I love the pictures and the papers! it's my favorite sets of colors, really. this layout it entirely scraps, the pack of the layout has strips of paper holding all the pieces together into a 12x12 layout.

Earth Day 2009: again, all scraps, even the ribbon! the three round elements in the top left corner were made using clear epoxy stickers and some of the apple paper scraps.

More cards to post soon! Have a great weekend!


paula :: plays with mud said...

are you kidding me??????? these are awesome.

1 Crafty Gal said...

Seriously!!!! These are the most adorable pages EVER!! I have hundreds of the build a bear birth certificates and pictures f all the kids making their animals...never thought of scrapping it the way you did. You are just so flippin creative. I love all of your pages. I'm so glad you uploaded these!!!!