Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday...

that means two more days and the husband will be home from his Vegas trip! Sadly he was knocked out of his WSOP event, but that doesn't matter because he had fun and it's always a great experience playing with tons of poker pros and learning from them. GQ had his heart set on daddy winning because GQ's prize would have been a Wii! Not quite sure when GQ decided he needed one, he's just not a video game kind of kid, but it's all he's been talking about for two days now. (and even though we're not video game people either, that Wii looks like so much fun!)

GQ has been invaded by some nasty little buggers. He's feeling so crappy and we're going on day #2 of a 100 degree fever. Luckily it hasn't invaded his stomach or intestines; it's just a fever and achey body. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be feeling better. I had plans to take him out for breakfast and do some swimming while daddy was gone but I don't know if any of that will happen. Poor guy :(

With GQ being sick and extra clingy and no reinforcements with daddy away, I haven't had too much time to make cards. Somehow I managed to sneak in two cards this morning before GQ woke up. I've made a new goal where my paper crafting is concerned, it's to use all my scraps for cards and scrapbook pages before buying new, this is an effort to save money because I have a new LOVE and it's not cheap! I've fallen in love with Copic markers and bought myself a few. Now I want more, but they really are an investment and I have to slowly build my stash unless I want hubby fainting on the kitchen floor when he sees the receipt.

I made my card using the Friday Sketch at MBI. And I colored my dragonfly friend in with a couple of my Copic markers and then added some Stickles for a little sparkle. The card base was the only part of the card that came from my new cardstock pile, everything else was scraps!

Have a great weekend!


mjenningsdesigns said...

I am sorry to hear that you hubby didn't win :-( And that you have a sick little one without backup...I know how hard that can be! At least you got an awesome card design done though ;-) Try to have a good weekend!


1 Crafty Gal said...

I want a Wii too and I'm sooo not a video game player. DH is hooked on all of his play stations. (insert eye roll here)

So sorry to hear about DH!! That STINKS!

Sorry to hear GQ is still under the weather. Poor little man!

On to the card...OMG, darling! I love the brightness. I've never touched a copic...I sooo need to do that now! You enabler you!!!

Oh, I used my "salvaged" PP scraps for my 3x3 cards! Worked perfectly!