Friday, May 2, 2008

A Friday Sketch & Scrap Page for Hubby

Hubby has been out of town on business and it's allowed me to have some free time in the evenings after GQ is in bed to be creative. I hate when he's gone, but I enjoyed my evening scrapping and chatting on the phone with my girlfriend, Scheffie. (She's a night owl and I can always count on her for a late night chat session!) I used to scrap with her a couple times a month when we lived in Ohio, so I really miss seeing her!

Here are a couple things I made...

I made the baby card for the Friday Sketch at Memory Book Inspirations. Click here if you'd like to see the sketch. I made the card using scrap paper from my continually growing scrap stash. I really need to come up with a new system for storing my scraps, it's become a time consuming process to search through them all.

I made this scrapbook layout for hubby. Even though he likes to poke fun at how obsessed I am with paper crafting he enjoys looking at the end product. I've been working on putting more stuff into our album and not just the kiddo's. I was in our file cabinet and found this picture just laying by itself, not sure how it got there, I have our pictures stored somewhere else...I guess it was just begging to be scrapped. It's a picture of us in the booth we sat in on our 1/2 date. (The one where we went for drinks and chatting to see if we thought the other one was worthy of dating.) It was taken almost a year after that date. ( Hubby - If you're reading this, and I doubt you are, but if you see this...I love you and miss you :D )


mjenningsdesigns said...

Love it! I am glad you have had fun scrapping ;-)

1 Crafty Gal said...

These are great!!!!