Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Important Person in Our Life

As I continue scrapping pages that are dedicated to specific people in GQ's life I come to one page that was extremely difficult to do. It's difficult becuase it's the first page in his book that is memory of somebody. We lost him very suddenly and it's really the first time I've lost somebody close to me. My family is very large and unusually close; I wanted GQ to know my whole family the way I do and he's not going to have that chance with my Uncle. It's very important to me that he knows who he was and about him, so I made this page. The journaling is yet come, I hope to provide stories about my Uncle for GQ. The title and words on the layout are that of a Beatles song, he was a HUGE Beatles fan and this was a favorite of his.


1 Crafty Gal said...

Oh this must have been a hard page to make, but you are doing an awesome thing! One day, GQ will treasure this page as much as you do!

Holly said...

Tonya, I think Uncle Bill would be very flattered. I love the colors and the sentiment. Its very fitting of him.