Friday, October 19, 2007

My birthday gift

from Jason and Gavin was this beautiful Mommy bracelet. I wanted to show everybody because it's so pretty! The pink crystals represent Gavin and the green crystals represent Jason. Gavin thinks it is so cool that I have a bracelet with something on it that means Gavin. Every time I wear it Gavin tells me that the pink crystals say "Gavin" and the green crystals say "Daddy." Melts my heart to hear how proud he is the bracelet.

The bracelet was ordered from Melissa Jennings She is a local artist in the Cincinnati area and does beautiful work! This is the third piece of jewelry that I've seen from her and everything has been gorgeous! She is so easy to work with and makes the bracelets to your specifics...any size, clasp, wording, crystals, etc. If you're looking for something custom and special you should check out her website. Her link is above and on the right side of my blog.

(I noticed in the picture that you can see me in my orange shirt in just about every silver bead. Sorry about that. I was worrying about getting a clear enough picture and didn't have time to keep trying to eliminate my reflection. All the other pictures I took of the bracelet were blurry. I'm finally figuring out how my camera works. My FIL told me about a macro setting for close-up pictures that has helped me greatly. This should help w/my card pictures. Maybe I won't scan them anymore and try to get better, crisper shots of the cards.)

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1craftygal said...

This freaking ROCKS! Melissa does such great work with her jewlery!

I'm a turd! Happy belated birthday!!!! I forgot! I'm sorry!!!