Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to show off a few pictures of Gavin on Halloween. He didn't want to go out initially but had lots of fun in the end. And thought his bag full of treats was awfuly cool!
The picture of him inside the house was the before. He didn't want to go out trick-or-treating. And he didn't want to be a dinosaur either. So that costume didn't get to make an appearance even though it was adorable! He's lucky it was a hand-me-down and I didn't pay big bucks for it :)
We had lots of fun together getting candy and visiting the neighbors. Now Gavin is downstairs watching The Great Pumpkin and eating candy!

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1craftygal said...

Awww too cute! Hey...this didn't come thru in my updates! HUMMM.

E-Mail me! I lost your new addy. Hope all is well!