Friday, November 18, 2011

adios, separation anxiety...

At least I hope.

The last time I posted about G.Q.'s separation anxiety was almost six weeks ago.  In those past six weeks, our mornings at school drop-off have become so incredibly easy!

G.Q. has always thrived with routine.  Even if we couldn't have a routine, having a reminder about what is coming next always made the transition into the next task much easier.  So morning routine around here is pretty much the same everything.  G.Q. gets up, like clock-work, most days right about 7am.  He watches some cartoons, eats breakfast, showers, dresses and we head out to school.  Most days we park in the same spot, we get out of the car, he takes his vitamin, then hops on my back for a piggy-back ride across the field up to the school.  As we make our way to his classes line-up spot, which we generally get to with about two minutes till the bell rings, every day.  Once his teacher comes out, we hug, we kiss and do our "I love you!" and then he's into class, happy and ready to learn.

If any day was going to throw a wrench into our string of great mornings, it was going to be today, G.Q.'s teacher was absent.  A sub... "oh, no.  G.Q. isn't going to like this."  I immediately think.  I hear another first grade teacher that "we don't have a sub for your class, so you'll have different teachers taking shifts in your class today."  That made me breathe easier.  At least they'll be familiar faces.  G.Q. still had that look, that uneasy look, like he was thinking about not going to school today.

I think what saved G.Q. from "causing a scene" and trying to leave the school with me was the fact that I was going to be back for lunch with him.  He still gets his weekly lunch with mom if he's had five good mornings going to school.  And mom brings McDonald's!  I guess a Happy Meal is a great motivator!

Now, we have a new "issue" to work  It's been an ongoing issue, really.  G.Q. can be quite particular about where the collar on his shirt falls or where the hem of the sleeve or shirt bottom fall.  He has three shirts that are his go-to shirts and wants to rotate through them.  I'm trying to figure out clever ways to make choosing a shirt from the other 30 shirts in his closet much easier and tear-free.

Never a dull moment here...

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