Friday, January 14, 2011


I know I'm biased, but he's a pretty amazing little man! GQ and I did a little hanging together tonight. We did a quick dinner and then stopped at my friend's house for a get together she was having. A party full of ladies and my GQ. He's such a charmer, impressing all the ladies there.

My friend had a jewelry rep there, so we got to browse lots of gorgeous pieces of jewelry. GQ thought this was so cool. He rounded the table looking for necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings he could buy me. The first necklace he found me was $98...a bit over my budget, especially since I don't wear a lot of jewelry. GQ was determined to find something for me. He dug through my purse and scraped together $2.14 and was going to buy me something. It was so cute to see him worry about what he could find to fit his budget. Thankfully he found a very pretty pair of stud earrings that were perfect for me and fit our budget. They weren't $2.14 but they weren't $98 either. Whether we found a piece of jewelry that I could buy or not, seeing GQ wanting to buy me something with his own money was adorable!

After our night of hanging together we were pooped out and came home to chill. GQ has had quite the crazy week between snow days and delayed starts to school. We've allowed him to stay up a bit past his bed time and I think tonight it all caught up with him tonight...he sat on the couch, hugged his puppy and passed out! It was such a sweet moment...Macy, our puppy, just laid there, letting him sleep on her.

Not the most exciting of nights, but for me, it was lots of fun to hang out together. I cherish these sweet moments. Time passes so quickly, it won't be long before he'll be too cool to hang with me. Although, he just told me last night that when he's in college he'll study at home because he wants to live with us when he's an adult. I have a feeling he'll change his mind about that. ;)

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Such a sweet photo...such a sweet little man!