Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a slacker!

It's been a bit, OK more than a bit, since I've last posted. Life has been busy...busier than it's been in a while. What have I been doing? Not much, really. At least it feels like not much, but it's certainly kept me busy.

We've been in our house six months now and it seems we have project after project to make it just how we want it. Country style curtains and cornice boards have been taken down, rooms have been painted, a lighting fixture has been replaced and two await the same fate, a sort of big home repair was done, and A/C unit was serviced...seriously, it's like one thing after another! In between all that we've had visitors, travel north to family and the husband's business travel. I'm tired! Not too tired, but just the daily maintenance of the house along with all the "stuff" we've been doing to the house has worn me out. It's left little time for crafting energy!

I'm going to try a new schedule and get crafting done. I have this big, beautiful craft room (with a fresh coat of paint on it) that I want to use! I really would like to find an hour a day to sit and craft. I just need to figure out when that hour will G's rest time or after he's in bed for the evening...I don't know yet. I will be back and hopefully soon! I have to get caught up because in August G will start kindergarten and I'll have tons of school stuff to scrapbook, I'd like to be caught up and ready to do that as I take the pictures.

So, I apologize for the lack of creating and posting, hopefully that all changes very soon!

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Anonymous said...

You certainly are NOT a slacker. Look at all the decorating, painting, etc., you've done in 6 months. What a great job & the house looks soooo great! Love, gqzgrammy