Monday, March 22, 2010

A four leaf clover...

One of the main reason's I've been slacking on making cards and scrapbooking recently has been that my husband has been in school and studying for a board exam. That board exam is now over and life can begin to return to normal! I'm hoping that means more crafting time for me. It also means the moving out of financial study materials that have found a place in my craft room. I'm reclaiming it! :)

The husband's exam was a two day process and the studying leading up to it was pretty stressful on our house in general. GQ was counting down days until daddy no longer had to study. I was counting down days until I could get my hubby back and also have help with some house projects I'd like to work on. And the husband, well he was counting down to just being done and not having to pick up a book again for a while!

Above is the card I made for the husband. Though he didn't need luck, he's pretty darn smart, I thought a four-leaf clover was perfect for his card. Below is GQ's card to daddy. I was pretty proud of his letters/words...he was most excited about his picture of the family he drew.


paula :: plays with mud said...

That is the sweetest card! I've been wanting to email you and check in but life has gotten away from me as well. Hope ya'll are all doing well!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Too stinkin cute!! Both your card and Gavin's. GQ did a fantastic job on his writing!!!