Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tooth-Fairy Sighting!

The tooth-fairy came to our house last night because GQ lost his first tooth! It's been loose for a couple weeks and yesterday morning it was basically laying in his mouth...I totally thought he was going to swallow it. He played with it with his tongue but it never fully popped out and he refused to pull it himself. After trying to convince him to pull it before soccer we gave up and went to the game. About 1/2 way into the game it was bothering him and he wanted to stop playing. We were talking to him on the side line and some how convinced him that it would be alright if daddy pulled it out. He sort of said yes so I held his head and daddy pulled it out. It didn't really involve pulling, basically just taking it out of his mouth. He was shocked and thrilled and hurried off on the field to show his team mates. Big news for a team of under 6 players ;)

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