Thursday, November 19, 2009

the gratitude project: day five

1. GQ getting 12 hours of much needed sleep...he still needs more, but we're getting there
2. PTO for the husband
3. Lots of variety for take-out
4. Hugs from GQ
5. Phone calls from my mom and mother-in-law
6. No far
7. Cuddling w/GQ on the couch
8. Hearing GQ count in Spanish
9. Early morning snuggling w/my family
10. Having windows open
11. Seeing my new house slowly become a home
12. All the friends I've made through YCM
13. How much GQ is loving his new house, yard, bedroom
14. The fun that GQ finds in the simplicity of things, like a bean bag...great fun!
15. That suffering through possibly H1N1 wasn't that bad and the cough is almost gone!
16. A husband that lets me stress and be crazy during a move and laughs at it rather than thinking I'm completely insane!
17. GQ singning, humming, yodeling
18. Modern Family...finally a sitcom I love!
19. Digital work turning out exactly as I imagined
20. GQ beginning to look forward to school...he has to wait till next fall, but it's fun to see him getting excited!

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