Monday, October 26, 2009

Countdown to Halloween!

GQ just realized that Halloween is this week! We were watching the morning news and he heard the anchors talk about trick-or-treating on Saturday. Excitedly, he announced to me that he got to wear a costume this week and go out for Halloween!

Good thing we remembered to order GQ's costume LAST NIGHT! With all our house business going on we've sort of forgotten the details of the fall season. Instead of putting out decorations, buying pumpkins, etc. we're packing boxes and working on all the details that come with moving.

Can't wait for the costume to arrive and see it on GQ! I know he's going to look so cute. I can't wait for trick-or-treating either! Each year it gets a bit more fun as GQ really gets into fun of the day. He can't have 2/3 of the candy that's collected but he sure enjoys going around the 'hood with all the other kiddos.

I'll be sure to post pictures next week!

Happy Halloween!


1 Crafty Gal said...

WELL...what's he gonna be???? How can you forget trick or treating?? Geeze!!!! Mommy of the year!

Tonya A said...

it's a secret! not really, but now I'm going to keep it a secret until I post pics on Sunday. :D

I didn't completely forget about Halloween, more like didn't realize we were at the end of the month already! Holy moly...where did the days go?